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Wave Serpents Are Back!

Just a quick update on this one, gang: Yesterday I was on the receiving end of a heartwarming email from Games Workshop. It said simply that “Eldar Wave Serpents are back in trade”.

What that means, at a simple level, is that GW moved the kit from direct-order-only limbo back to regular trade channels, which means I can now order them with my usual GW restock and keep them in stock.

In a larger sense, it’s an example of a good move on GW’s part, and it’s nice to see. With so much of the range disappearing into Finecast and the direct order negative zone, it makes me happy that GW has made the smart move of putting a high priority plastic kit back into circulation, instead of letting it languish.

Is this a sign of a kinder, gentler GW? Or could they just not keep their head in the sand any longer?


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