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Chuck RobbinsChuck Robbins bio goes here.

Chad McElhiney – Operations Manager, Game Room Overlord

What is there to say about Chad? He’s Awesome!

Chad was raised in the West LA area of Mar Vista before enlisting with the US Marines out of Culver City, where he was assigned to the 3rd Marine Air Wing with the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter for most of his service.

Following the Marines, Chad returned to the water trading in the LPH/LHA ships of the US Navy for Tall Ships powered by sail. Serving with the American Sail Training Association (ASTA), he spent that time teaching corporate team building, showing how California influenced global economics long before becoming a state, and conducting historical re-enactments like a modern day pirate.

Eventually Chad washed up on the docks in San Francisco where he joined his wife, and entered retail management programs before changing careers to an EMT/Paramedic. Following the birth of his son in 2015, Chad relocated back to Los Angeles.

Chad’s connection to Game Empire began long before he started playing games in the Pasadena store. Back in 1994, while stationed at then NAS Miramar, Chad wandered into a small game store in Hotel Circle in San Diego run by Chuck’s brother. A veteran of Role Playing Games and counter based wargames,  Chad even re-fought the Falkland Islands war using Larry Bond’s Harpoon war-game while in the barracks of MCAS El Toro over a weekend. Chad added to his gaming fascination with historical miniatures and began playing Napoleonic wars in 15mm.

Email Chad at chad@gameempirepasadena.com.

Robert HermannRobert Herman’s bio goes here.

Lance Coffing – MTG Judge

Magic runs in the family. So much so that it was how Lance was taught to read. “If you can read me the card I will buy it for you.” Words his father would come to regret… But it was a very good incentive. After devouring magic he moved on to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, then moved on to video games. Anything so long as it could get other people around and doing SOMETHING!!!

Social to a fault Lance loves to teach other people any of the games in his repertoire even before he worked for Game Empire. Getting most of his grade school playing D&D and then even the jocks of his high school playing Magic the Gathering. He headed several gaming clubs in school and if he did not have time for that would just convince one of his teachers to allow it during class!

Now, working for Game Empire, he runs the Magic the Gathering events all weekend in into the week on Mondays. Every Magic event you will find him running from the top and, if time permits, jumping into himself to try his luck. Any format, any time, any number of players. Even if the single game will take all night. (!!!BEWARE MULTIPLAYER COMMANDER ARCHENEMY PLANECHASE!!!)

Ebony Georges-Smith – Video Game Specialist

In west Pasadena, born and raised. On the playground is where she spent most of her days…

Considered a “nerd” from an early age, Ebony was regularly getting in trouble at home… for disassembling all the electronics in the house. Having built her first computer at the age of 12, she found herself with a growing love for all things technical. She progressed from there, finding herself interested in all sorts of games (Munchkin, Magic the Gathering, Catan, etc).

During high school, she spent her time forming video gaming tournaments using her Geometry teacher’s computer. She was accepted into Cal State LA at the age of 15, where she began taking a few key coding and electronics classes.

The foundation that she built, as well as her love of video games, is what allows her to work as a functional member of the Game Empire team, where she repairs electronics, as well as attends functions to help promote for the store.

Marshall aka – the new guy.

John Villario

A seasoned veteran  of Magic the Gathering (CCG) and an avid enthusiast of Legend of the Five Rings (CCG and RPG).

John’s preference is miniature games ranging from the skirmash styles of Infinity the game, as well as more mainstream battles like Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, and Hordes. He also really enjoys Battlecon a boardgame that brings tactics, strategy, and ferocity in 2D style fighting.

If games are scarce and players are few, John ventures in painting his miniatures and keeping up-to-date on the latest collectable card game news.


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