Game Empire is closed permanently. RIP Chuck Robbins, 2020.
Game Empire has closed permanently.

If you’re looking for that old, out-of-print gaming book, module, or supplement, there’s a good chance it’s in our trade-in and vintage game section! First edition D&D, vintage Games Workshop books, back issues of White Dwarf, Dragon, and Dungeon magazine… All have been there at one time. And if you’re looking for miniatures and parts, look no further than our bits bins! You never know what you’ll find in there, be it a full Warmachine army, or three full regiments of Skaven Clanrats! You’ll find bits to complete that conversion you’ve been working on, and even whole units that might spark interest in a new army! It’s all in the bins, and we recommend you bring a pair of clippers to help get parts off the frames! You’ll also find a variety of vintage and contemporary board games, often amazing condition!

We take trade-ins of all your old games, gaming books, and miniatures for store credit, so bring in those dusty tubs from the garage and turn them into some cool new stuff!

Note: You get store credit that you can then use to purchase any item in the store.