(626) 304-9333  |  Mon-Sat, 10am-11pm; Sun, 10am-9pm
Card Games

We stock a variety of collectible card games, including Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Legend of the Five Rings, and more!

Our event schedule for card gaming is full enough to keep even the most dedicated fan occupied; we host Magic: the Gathering every Monday and Friday night, on Mondays we run a draft featuring all the newest sets, and on Friday we run FNM, the marquee weekly Type II tournament event, as well as drafts on the side.

We host a packed Pokemon Gym every Sunday morning for those who have to “catch ’em all”, open play and tournaments for Legend of the Five Rings on Saturday evenings, and we run a variety of special events, from Magic pre-release tournaments and release events to the Pokemon City Champs event, always one of the busiest days in the game room!

So build your deck, shuffle up, and get ready to play!


There are no upcoming events.