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Heroquest Kickstarter Still in Limbo


Hey everyone!

For those of you out there who weren’t following or backing the Heroquest 25th Anniversary kickstarter, it did indeed go up. It made almost a half-million dollars, then was promptly suspended over an intellectual property dispute!

I know a lot of people who were interested in this one; nostalgia goes a long way, after all, and I was considering a small backing myself. That’s not likely now!

Gamezone, the company behind the new edition’s Kickstarter campaign, is in talks with Moon Design to work out the licensing, and according to them, the C&D that was issued to them (on Thanksgiving, of all days!) is suspended, but as of this writing, the campaign was still down.

Moon Design has a detailed explanation of their action, which in a nutshell boils down to a simple issue of names. Mood Design publishes the Heroquest RPG here in the states, and their action was based on potential confusion over the similarly (read: exactly) named titles. I still think the timing of the C&D was a little fishy; Thanksgiving weekend is not exactly a timeframe where a lot is going to get done in the U.S. when it comes to lawyers.

Hopefully we’ll see this resolved soon and the campaign get rolling again before it gets too poisonous. Of course, with close to a half million in pledges, the campaign will be fine… as long as it comes back to life!

What do you think? Was Moon Design trying to throw Gamezone’s campaign under the bus with a Thanksgiving C&D? Will the campaign come back to life? Would you pledge, given the difficulties?


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