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FOW on Saturday April 21

This is where we discuss WWII gaming using the new Flames of War 4th Edition rules.

FOW on Saturday April 21

Postby QuietGargoyle » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:22 pm

This will be the second weekend we play Turn One for Scott's Firestorm Tunisia campaign! It started off with a "bang" last weekend with 6 tables set up and new players introduced so if you didn't get a chance to play one of the February 1943 games now you can!

Check out the latest battle reports, notices and rules at the No Dice No Glory FireStorm Tunisia Forum!

Some of us may also want to practice for the LateWar 1780 points WC Mashionals tourney on Sunday that Troy has organized.

ALSO, I have been giving the new 'Nam game a go and must say that it rocks! Anybody got a force full of g**ks they'd like to run against my ACAV? ;)
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