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Flames of War Saturday January 13

This is where we discuss WWII gaming using the new Flames of War 4th Edition rules.

Flames of War Saturday January 13

Postby QuietGargoyle » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:16 am

There was a terrific turn-out for our first Saturday gaming this year last weekend, both for Flames of War and Team Yankee! Check out Hyato's posts on the Facebook Flames of War SoCal page, and be sure to join this group if you haven't already...

This weekend we will continue to build tables for LateWar 1515pt matchups as well as Team Yankee: I need more practice with my Battle of the Bulge 2nd US Infantry list before taking it to the Las Vegas Open January 27th!

I am also going to give my TY 75pt Soviet/East German force another test, hopefully this time using a legal list! ;-) The Las Vegas Open kicks off with a Friday TY tournament January 26th so I had better be ready for that.

Soon enough we shall be returning to MidWar North Africa games, especially now that the Italians are about to be released. Check out the spoiler review of Avanti on the website! We can of course set up a desert table this weekend if there is interest, please just post up your interest and come to GE between 10 and 10:30 to help set up!

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