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Season 3 Polling

This is where we discuss Blood Bowl, GW's excellent fantasy football game. We also discuss our Blood Bowl League here.

Shall Season 3 be School Yard Pick by Season 2 Champions - inter-division play

Poll ended at Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:28 pm

Yes, let the greats lead us to greatness until we overtake them.
No, I prefer random division assignments.
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Other, please explain
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Season 3 Polling

Postby Game Empire Chad » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:28 pm


With Week 6 around the corner and playoffs not far behind it's time we look forward to the next season so we are all ready to hit the pitch in style (Well unless your Nurgle, in which case you need time to gather the extra large flies :lol: )

Discussions on season 3 have begun with Jason, Dennis, and Myself to the point I fell confident putting the following option up to a vote:

Season 2 will end with 4 winners of 4 separate cup's ( see playoff breakdown in our current match scheduling google doc ) Our proposal for season 3 is those winners pick their division school yard draft style. Then season 3 is division vs division with each coach earning points, and their division earning the cumulative points.

This way Divisions have a steak in growing their members abilities, coaching up the new coaches, etc. While still maintaining the cutthroat nature of Blood Bowl by dominating the other divisions.

The schedule will be conducted Swiss round style. 12 weeks allowing 3 opponent play per div. Playoffs to be conducted same as season 2 save Ranking 1-8 Blood Bowl Cup, 9-16 Empire Cup, 17-24 Spike cup, 25- Chaos Cup.

Poll will be open until Mon, 3rd April.
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