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Postby blitzfenrir » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:01 pm

Hey everyone,

Pleasure to meet you all. I used to go to this store when I went to PCC, and have always wanted to jump in and join, but alas prior obligations. I've got experience playing in several RPGs, such as Only War, DnD 5E, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun (5E also I believe. I've also dabbled in 40k (IG Armored, because tanks are fantastic), and I'm starting to get into Flames of War (preferably Late War UK/US/Ger). Finally got around to making an account here and to stop lurking.

Hopefully I can make time to drop by more often when I'm not at University, and hopefully I can become friends with many of you!
See you all around!
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