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New to the site but not to the hobby

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New to the site but not to the hobby

Postby Highrisedrifter » Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:26 pm

Hi all

Glad to find a shop near me.

I'm a British actor, male, aged 43, who has just moved over to LA from England. I've been roleplaying (mainly GMing) since 1978, yes 37 years of roleplaying, and have well over 300 different RPG systems at home in the UK.

I've been an avid fan of D&D since basic released in the 70s and have a complete shrink wrapped set of AD&D first edition books and scenarios at home in the UK. I'm totally stoked for 5e and run three 5e campaigns at the moment, so I'm primarily looking for a game to play, not GM.

I run a national LARP Cyberpunk game in the UK (well, I did until I moved over here) and was part of the original playtest for Cyberpunk 2011 and Vampire Minds Eye Theatre. I met Gary Gygax back in 1983 (nice guy) and pretty much live and breathe acting and roleplaying.

I look forward to coming into the store and getting involved in some 5e campaigns.
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