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Postby steel91101 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:09 pm

Hey all. I am Carlos. I have found the new location of Game Empire only recently and am delighted with the new venue -- I hope GE is here for a very long time!

I go back a ways, back to the early Avalon Hill days actually. Played pretty much all of their non-tactical titles, from classics such as Stalingrad, Afrika Korps, Anzio, Bulge, Guadalcanal, to the later expansion games, such as Russian Campaign, Wooden Ships Iron Men, Civilzation, Flat Top (I was on the play testing team for the Flat Top re-design by Avalon Hill after they bought the title from Battleline), etc.

I also go back to the glory days of SPI under Jim Dunnigan; Victory Games after that, and, for years, was The Russian Player in the massive War In Europe game at local conventions (Orccon etc.), as well as one of the confederate players in Terrible Swift Sword at local cons. Oh - also, one of my buddies and I held an "all comers" tournament at a con once using Flat Top (I think it was in 1985?). Challengers got to pick the scenario and what side they wanted. We cleaned clocks aplenty. =) Was on a few play-testing assigments for SPI as well.

Was a huge WRG miniatures player -- 5th and 6th edition -- 15 mm armies: Maccabean Jewish, Pontic, Early and Late Achaemenid Persians, and a very very very lucky Avar army that rarely lost. An opponent once saw my flank march arrive on his left, turned his Han Chinese chariots to face my Heavy Cav archer/lancers and uttered the immortal words: "Ah - Avar on a stick!" Five minutes later his entire army was routing off the table. =) Like I said -- a VERY lucky Avar army.

Am getting into Hail Caesar as time permits - and painting Persians.

I also play D and D 3.5 (I have many miniatures for D&D), and love a robust game of Arkham Horror. And am curious about some of the newer table top strategy games.

I look forward to meeting people and getting my hands dirty with historical dust again -- as time permits -- after something of a hiatus.

::: shrug ::: all for now. may your dice rolls be kind...
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