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Howdy Y'all!

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Howdy Y'all!

Postby MsDreamland » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:25 am

Extremely new to the gaming community and I think I'm ready to dive in head first. Still unsure of where to begin or what exactly I want to jump into. Probably going to browse the store a few more times before I make a decision. I'm thinking a card game as I was super into the Magic tournament at Comikaze earlier this month. Hope to game with a few of y'all soon! Also any recommendations for a newbie are very welcomed! :mrgreen:
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Re: Howdy Y'all!

Postby Sgtpjbarker » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:44 am


Magic the gathering is an excellent step into the gaming scene. Booster draft is one of my favorite ways of gaming. You don't have to drop as large sum of money and you get to play all evening with cards that are normally not that useful. It also teaches you the basics on a some what level playing field. The way it works is this. Several players sit in a circle. Each player opens a booster pack, chooses a card and passes the rest to the player on his/her left. This is done until all cards are taken. Then you repeat the process with a new booster pack, but pass the cards to the right. It is really fun to add a core set to the last booster pack and then you are ready to build. You get all the basic land you need for free and you then choose at least 40 cards fro your draft to create a deck. This way of playing has never let me down. The games are almost always close and exciting. The best thing of all is the price, you only pay for your three boosters, $15 or less.
If you are wanting to get into painting then the choices are truly difficult. Warmachine, 40K, Hail Caesar, Gutshot, and Bolt Action are all my favorites. The chaps are really great at the store are really great and the employees are the best.
I would suggest you talk with Jess. I pretty sure she works every Tuesday night and she is a really great resource for what is good and the crowd you may want to hang with. Hope that helps and I hope to see you in the store. I am the 40K guys with bright yellow marines that you can spot from across the street.

Paul J
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