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I'll Miss You Guys

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I'll Miss You Guys

Postby Michael » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:59 pm

Hey this is Michael from Warhammer fantasy, I just moved to Arizona. I wanted to gave my thanks to everybody I have met at Game Empire who made it such a wonderful place for gaming. I like to thank Travis and Davis for setting up all Warhammer leagues and even solving dispute problems that arrived in the rules of the game whenever any player or myself needed help. Thanks very much for making Warhammer a lot of fun, I really appreciate all the things you guys done. I like to thank Chuck for bringing Game Empire to the Warhammer community because without Game Empire, I wouldn't have met a lot of friends there.

I will miss all the great players of Warhammer Fantasy,
Alex, Jesse, Lee, John, Stefaun, Rex, Paul, Michael, Jay, Wayne, Matt, Zach, and everybody else I might of left out. Good gaming for you all. :lol:
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