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What is near Game Empire and whats your day like?

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What is near Game Empire and whats your day like?

Postby StoneRhino79 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:11 am

Alright, GE is almost an hour away and I have been there a few times before. I was wondering what else is there to do around GE? I suppose it is easier to ask this within the context of the day(s) you have off and game at the shop.

Back when more of my friends were still in the area we would play a game of Battletech CCG in the afternoon to early evening. We would then head out and grab something to eat around a lasertag place out in Fullerton, then go play a game, then hang around going over the card game, the round(s) of lasertag, or anything else. The next day we would play a game of the Battletech board game then buzz about the mall for a bit while waiting for a movie to start.

Thats what we used to do around our area. I don't know what is around Game Empire and whats good, whats a waste of time, how much it costs. If there was more to do, that is known, around GE it might make it easier to justify the trip more often.
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