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Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

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Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Game Empire Chuck » Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:17 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to our new Warhammer 40,000 Hero Campaign System!

A Note from Chuck and Travis

We hope this system helps you enjoy the game in new and fun ways. Like you, we are both avid fans of 40K, and are particularly excited by the new 6th Edition rules and Codexes. In our opinion, this is the best edition of 40K yet. But that isn’t to say that this edition is perfect. If there is one weak spot in 6th, it is the scenario system. After a lot of thought and discussions (some quite heated), we decided to develop our own scenario system to solve some of the problems we see in the core scenario rules. Nothing we’ve done here are changes to the basic rules or army lists in the game; the modification set out below relate only to the army list building and scenario systems.

This is an ambitious project, and some of it is not yet fully developed. This means two things for you as a player. First, we ask that you please be patient as we develop the system and make changes/corrections “on the fly”. This first effort at actually running the campaign will very much be a “playtesting” experience for all of us. We may realize that a scenario is imbalanced, or that the character developments system needs modification, or some other problem may arise, and we will address issues as soon as they become known.

Second, we are inviting you to help us improve this system. Let us know what you think needs to be changed. Help us invent new scenarios and special rules. Your opinion and input is paramount since the whole point of this 40K campaign is for all of us to have fun. We may not adopt everything you suggest, but we promise to listen and closely consider whatever you bring up.

Finally, we are developing this system for fun, story-oriented games. As GW would put it, we are “Forging the Narrative”. We are not developing an intensely competitive tournament system. This system does not reward players for slaughtering their opponents. This system rewards players for taking heroic actions, diving headfirst into the fray heedless of danger, epic last stands, etc. In fact, you can lose all your games, and your Hero character can still become a legend. So please remember, the most important goal is for you to make sure that both you AND your opponent have fun.

We look forward to gaming with you!

-Chuck and Travis


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. It is a dark time, for the galaxy burns and all living things are suffering. But, as in every war, it is also a time for greatness - a time for heroes. Who are these heroes? What were their names? Where did they come from? What did they do? Why are they remembered and honored for generations to come? These are questions that YOU will answer. Each of you will forge the legend of one of these great masters of battle. The games you play will describe how your hero began as a gifted young soldier who fought their way out of the ranks to take their rightful place alongside the great leaders of their armies.

This campaign system will let you create a player character - your “Hero”. You must give them a name and a background story. Then you will play a series of battles through the crucible of which your Hero will develop and grow. He will be guided and protected by the Hand of Destiny. He will perform feats of martial prowess that are far beyond the ability of even the most gifted soldiers. He will survive perils that are inconceivable to normal mortals. He will become a leader of the highest caliber. How your Hero becomes a legend is completely up to you.

It is time to stand tall. A time to follow your destiny. It is time for YOU to become a legendary HERO!


Warhammer 40,000 started out in 1987 as a role playing game entitled Rogue Trader. As an RPG based game,WH40K was very story driven, and called upon the players to create their own stories, scenarios, and army lists. The rule book was merely a set of guidelines that players could adapt using their own imaginations. The purpose of the “Hero” is to reintroduce this important and very fun element of roleplaying back into the game.

Each player will have a Hero model in their army that represents them. The Hero will start the campaign drawn from the rank-and-file of their army, but with stats and equipment slightly better than a basic trooper for that army. The Hero will improve over the course of the campaign by accumulating Hero Points (“HP”). As the rules below set forth, HP can be spent on improving the basic stats of that Hero as well as buying special rules. They will also allow a Hero to purchase more equipment. Each player selects one 'basic' infantry model to represent themselves on the battlefield. This model is that player (i.e. “you”), and therefore should be named and furnished with a suitable back-story. Throughout the campaign the Hero will rise through the ranks while gaining power and prestige, advancing to the level of Epic Hero from their humble beginnings.

The type of model a player may choose to represent their Hero depends on which codex they use to build their army.

Space Marines (including Blood Angels)
∙ Space Marine Scout / Neophyte
∙ Tactical Marine / Initiate

Space Wolves
∙ Blood Claw
∙ Grey Hunter

Dark Angels
∙ Tactical Marine

∙ Fire Warrior

∙ Guardian or Storm Guardian
∙ Dire Avenger

∙ Ork Boy

∙ Necron Warrior
∙ Immortal

Grey Knights
∙ Grey Knight in Power Armor

Chaos Space Marines
∙ Chaos Space Marine
∙ Plague Marine
∙ Berzerker
∙ Noise Marine

Chaos Daemons
∙ Plaguebearer
∙ Pink Horror
∙ Daemonette
∙ Bloodletter

∙ Termagant
∙ Hormagaunt

Dark Eldar
∙ Dark Eldar Warrior
∙ Dark Eldar Wych

Sisters of Battle
∙ Sister of Battle

Imperial Guard
∙ Veteran Guardsman

Once elevated from the teeming masses within their respective army, appropriately named and supplied with a captivating story detailing the impetus behind the beginnings of their meteoric rise to prominence, the Hero immediately enjoys the following benefits:

The Hand of Fate: They gain a 2+ Invulnerable save, representing the Hand of Fate ushering them toward greatness. Effects that modify or ignore Invulnerable saves still work on the Hero, though the save always returns to normal for each game.

Indomitable Will: If they should ever become a casualty, remove the model and replace it with a small marker. At the beginning of the following turn, roll a d6. On a 1-2 the Hero has been well and truly incapacitated (but not killed! See below), and on a 3+ they return to the table with one wound remaining, having shrugged off wounds that would have destroyed a lesser being! Roll scatter and 2d6 from the position they last stood, and then place them back into play in the new location. They may act normally after they return.

Eternal Warrior: Hero models are never subject to Instant Death.

Nine Lives Plus One: If a Hero is ever removed as a casualty and does not return due to the Indomitable Will rule above, they return for the next battle as normal. They are never truly killed, but are instead taken out of action until they can make yet another miraculous recovery!

Aide De Camp: The Hero is always an Independent Character that counts as an HQ choice but does not use up an HQ slot in the Force Organization Chart.

Not Fit to Lead... Yet!: The Hero may never be your Warlord until certain conditions are met (see Advancement, below).

Free of Charge: The Hero, and any upgrades they have purchased, never count against the points limit of the army you are building.

The Hero that represents you will grow and develop over many battles, eventually becoming an epic hero in their own right, leading huge armies to crush all who come before them! But everyone starts at the bottom. Each Hero begins the game with 12 advancement points which must be used to improve their stat line.

∙ It costs 3 points to upgrade WS, BS, S, I, A, or LD
∙ It costs 6 points to upgrade T or W.

As Heroes fight in battles, they earn advancement points for their exploits

∙ 1 point for every wound inflicted
∙ 2 points for every hull point inflicted
∙ 1 point for killing an enemy character or vehicle

Heroes may buy statistic upgrades as above between battles. No single stat may be improved by more than one point during each purchase. All stats have a maximum, as discussed below.
In addition, after their first battle, Heroes may purchase additional rules for the cost listed below:

∙ 5 points: Adamantium Will, Crusader, Counter-Attack, Fear, Fleet, Furious Charge, Hit & Run, Monster Hunter, Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Relentless, Stubborn, Tank Hunter.

∙ 10 points: Armourbane, Fearless, Feel no Pain (starts at 6+, may be increased by one point per five advancement points spent), Fleshbane, Hatred, It Will Not Die, Preferred Enemy (choose one type of enemy per five advancement points spent), Rage, Rampage, Shred (melee only), Stealth, Strikedown, Zealot

∙ 15 points: Shrouded

Armory Access
Each Hero has unfettered access to their force's armories, as befitting such a promising up-and-comer. For every advancement point a Hero earns (including their initial 12 points), they may purchase weapons and wargear from their armory. In most newer books this will be simple, as they will have an armory listing with points values, in some older books you may have to hunt a bit to find the points values for various pieces of wargear. In either case, Heroes are free to spend their points between battles as they see fit.

Heroes may have one Ranged Weapon (and one pistol, if available, as their sidearm), one Melee weapon, and any number of wargear items at any time. Heroes may buy upgraded armor (for example, a Space Marine wearing power armor may purchase a suit of terminator armor as an upgrade), but may only ever have one type of armor. Likewise, Heroes can buy wargear like jump packs / bikes / jetbikes / etc, which will modify their unit type, but may only ever have one piece of such wargear at any time. If you trade in your bike for a jump pack, you have to buy that jump pack again if you want to switch back! (Invariably, the Master of the Armory will be suitably upset by your indecisiveness!)

Finally, Heroes must be suitably modeled to represent their weapons load-out, which means that if a Dark Eldar Wych buys herself a skyboard, you will need to have a model on a skyboard to represent the new iteration of your Hero.

The Mantle of Leadership
After a Hero accumulates 18 advancement points from game play (30 advancement points total), they may act as your Warlord during games, but are not required to. If they are used as your Warlord, they use up an HQ slot as normal.

Many Codexes include models such as Daemon Princes, Hive Tyrants, Dreadnoughts, Wraithlords, etc. Such mighty warmongers started out as simple troopers in their respective force, just as your Hero did, and were either gifted, re-spawned, or interred into new forms befitting their battlefield experience and exploits. For 20 HP, you too can upgrade your Hero to take the form of one of these mighty warriors. Just as the horribly wounded Space Marine can never be removed from the armored sarcophagus of a Dreadnought after he is interred, neither can your Hero ever return to their original state after such a transformation.

Rather than try to create rules that will cover every possible iteration of a Hero’s Apotheosis, when you decide to purchase this upgrade, you will meet with Travis individually to discuss the transformation and how it will affect your Hero. Naturally, you will need to build a new miniature to accurately represent this new chapter in your Hero’s story!

Weekly Advancement Limit
Each Hero can earn a maximum of 6 Hero Points per week. A player can play as few or as many games in that week that it takes to earn 6 Hero Points.

Hero Stat Line Limits
Each player may increases a particular Hero’s characteristic value on their stat line up to the highest printed number available for any model in their codex. (This part of the Hero Advancement System could prove to be problematic. We want to give the players as much flexibility as possible for developing their Hero’s evolution. But, as this system is still in a play-test stage, we reserve the right to prohibit any modification to a Hero that we deem abusive.)

Running Multiple Heroes
Most players are going to run one army with one Hero, but there is no reason why a player couldn’t run two armies with two Heroes. They must be run completely separately from each other, and they must use two completely different Codexes to avoid any confusion about who is fighting. Obviously, running two separate Heroes will require twice as many games. But for you really hardcore players, go for it!

Playing and Recording Games
All campaign games must be played at Game Empire. Also, there will be an official campaign records book in which all players must record their games and accumulation of Hero Points.

Game Points Levels
Players may play any points level they agree upon, from 500-point kill teams games to Apocalypse-sized battles, and may play as many games per week as they wish. Players may only ever earn 6 Hero Points per week, regardless.

Campaign Schedule
The campaign will run for six weeks, with two weeks included in Week 1 to allow players time to get signed up. At the end of the Week 6, the winners will be crowned!

Grand Champion - The player that achieves the highest amount of Hero Points by the end of the campaign will be declared the Grand Champion. If there is a tie for first - and we fully expect there to be a number of players tied for first - then the player with the highest “Efficiency Rating” will be deemed the winner. The Efficiency Rating is determined by dividing the number of Hero Points earned by the number of games it took to earn them. If there is still a tie after this, then we will run a play-off series to determine the winner.

Best Hero - The player with the best looking custom Hero model as voted by all the players in the campaign wins the Best Hero award.

Best Non-Hero Unit - The player with the best painted single non-hero miniature as voted by all the players in the campaign wins the Best Model award.


General Modifications: We suggest the players agree to the following modifications to the standard scenario system presented in the 6th Ed. Rule Book. Unless specifically changed below, the standard scenario format and rules in the book remain unchanged. Please note that these changes only apply to the standard scenarios presented in the 6th Ed. Rule Book. The new scenarios presented in this campaign system may significantly modify or deviate completely from the suggested rules below.

Game Setup Sequence:

1. Set up terrain (using the Narrative Terrain rules, 40k Core Rule Book, p. 120)
2. Roll to determine the mission type
3. Roll to determine deployment type
4. Place Objectives (if necessary)
5. Set up Fortifications
6. Determine Warlord Traits and Psychic Powers
7. Deploy forces
8. Make Scout moves
9. Roll to Seize the Initiative
10. Begin first turn

Warlord Traits
Players generating their Warlord trait from the 6th Ed. Core Rulebook may select the chart they will generate their trait from after the 1d6 roll. Players generating a Warlord Trait from their Codex do so as normal.

Game Length
Games do not use Variable Game Length and instead always play to six full turns. Players can still lose automatically if they have no models on the table at the end of any game turn, as explained in the Victory Conditions section of the 40k Core Rule Book, p.122

Both players must agree to the use of Allied detachments, or they may not be included.

Force Organization Chart
Players may only choose forces based on one Force Organization Chart, regardless of the size of the battle.

Mysterious Elements
Mysterious Objectives are used, Mysterious terrain features are not.

Mission Specific Modifications

The number of objectives is always five. Additionally, each enemy unit destroyed is worth 1 VP. First Blood and Slay the Warlord only earn 1VP as normal.

Purge The Alien
No modifications needed.

Big Guns Never Tire
The number of objectives is always five.

The Scouring
The objectives are split into two groups: 4,2,1, and 3,3,2. The player who places the first objective places the 3,3,2 group, and his opponent places the 4,2,1 group. Note that players will know the value of objectives that they have placed, but not those placed by their opponent. Objective values are revealed immediately before the roll to Seize the Initiative.

The Emperor's Will
In addition to the Primary Objectives, each enemy unit destroyed is worth 1 VP. First Blood and Slay the Warlord only earn 1VP as normal.

The Relic
In addition to the Relic, each enemy unit destroyed is worth 1 VP. First Blood and Slay the Warlord only earn 1VP as normal.


Description: This sets forth the basic background for the scenario. The players can use this background to make modifications to the scenario that they desire.

Point Limits: This sets out the maximum point limits the player can use to build their forces. Most scenarios provide that the players both use the same amount of points, but some require the players to use different point values.

Table Size: The sets forth the recommended table size for this scenario.

Terrain: This sets forth guide lines for setting up the terrain for the scenario. Here you will find recommendations regarding the amount and type of terrain that should be used.

Force Composition: This sets forth any changes to the Normal Force Composition rules with which either of both of the players must comply.

Deployment: This sets forth deployment of the opposing forces, as well as designation of units to be held in reserve.

Scenario Special Rules: This sets forth any special rules that apply to this scenario.

Turn Limit and Victory Conditions: This sets forth the triggers for ending the game and determining the victor. Not all games will have a turn limit.

Scenario Variants: This sets out suggested alterations to the scenario that will give more variety to the players. However, any variations must be approved by both players before the game begins.

Changing Game Size: The size of almost any of these scenarios can be increased or decreased at the players’ discretion. If the amount of points allowed is increased, then the players need to consider whether they need to play on a larger table. If there is a turn limit to the scenario, they may also need to increase the number of turns before the scenario ends. Scenario Special Rules

Tunnel Rules: This rule is intended to let the players simulate battles raging within an underground tunnel system, inside a large building complex, or even inside the tight confines of a Space Hulk. Tunnels are best represented by placing irregularly shaped hills of at least 6" x 8" or larger on the table. These “hills” actually represent the walls of the tunnel, with a ceiling assumed to exist between hills. Accordingly, no unit can trace a line of sight “over” a hill. If the hill models have sloped sides, then the player are to assume that the tunnel wall goes straight up from the outer edge of the hill model, blocking any line of sight that crosses any part of the hill.

If the scenario involves a fight within a building, space ship, or some other unnatural structure, then the players should endeavor to use “hill” that are more square or rectangular in shape. This will generate more of a grid look to the table more in line with “man-made” structures.

When setting up the table, the scenario will tell the players whether there should be tunnels leading off of any or all of the table edges. The corridors in the tunnel system should generally be at least 3" - 6" wide. The scenario may also designate the placement of larger Chambers, which should normally by about 12" in diameter. No flyers, skimmers, jump packs or jet packs can be used in tunnels. No vehicles other than bikes or walkers can enter a tunnel. No units can Deep Strike into a tunnel. No barrage or indirect fire weapons or any form of off-board artillery can be used inside a tunnel.

No weapons can damage tunnel walls or ceilings.

Allies: Unless the scenario states otherwise, neither the Attacker nor the Defender can use Allies when building their forces.

Rolling Reserves: Some scenarios designate that one or both sides can use the Rolling Reserves special rule. This means that at the end of any friendly turn that player may remove any unit that has less than half or its original models or hull points remaining and place it back into Reserve at full strength, representing the arrival of fresh troops. This rule does not apply to independent characters. The scenario may place additional restrictions regarding which types of units can use the Rolling Reserve special rule.

Toxic Atmosphere: Many important planets have a toxic atmosphere, either naturally or as created by one of the opposing forces. When a scenario calls for a toxic atmosphere, all armor saves are reduced by 1. Thus, Power Armor will only give a save of 4+, while Imperial Guards and Orks will have no save. The bad news is that this will make many armies brittle as they take heavy casualties. The good news is that these will generate games that are “target rich” for PC’s to accumulate HP’s.

Scenario 1 - TUNNEL RATS

Description: The Attacker is preparing to invade the Defender’s planet, but their offensive has been frustrated by a strategic Planetary Defense System. A key component of that system has been built underground in a complex of tunnels. If this system can be knocked out, the Planetary Defense System will be compromised allowing the invasion to begin. The Attacker has tasked a small but elite strike force to disable this critical component. The strike force has slipped through small defects in the Planetary Defense System and the Defenders have been caught by surprise. However, they are sure to react quickly to the threat.

Point Limits: Both players build forces of 1,000 points.

Table Size: The table is 6' x 4'.

Terrain: This scenario is played using the Tunnel System described in the Scenario Format rules at the beginning of this book. The table should have “hills” covering approximately half of the playing area. There should be tunnels leading off the table on the north, west, and south end of the table. The east end of the table is considered a solid wall, and no forces can enter or leave from that end. There should be a large Chamber of about 12" x 12" at the east end of the table. The Objective should be about 6" wide and is located in the approximate center of the east edge of the table. The Tunnels should meander around the table prohibiting a direct line of sight from the west table edge to the objective. Various pieces of equipment should be scattered throughout the tunnels, but nothing that significantly blocks movement or act like a linear defense line. The Defenders never imagined that any enemy could infiltrate these tunnels, so they haven’t bothered to create defensive works within them. However, there are still sufficient obstacles that should serve as make-shift defense points throughout the tunnels.

Force Restrictions: Since this battle occurs underground, neither side may take any vehicles other than bikes or walkers, or any flyers. Also, no units may be equipped with jump packs or jet packs. All other normal force restrictions apply. Neither player may purchase Fortifications.

Deployment: The Defender selects at least half of their units that will be held in Reserve. The remaining units are placed on the table anywhere at least 24" from the west table edge. The Attacker starts with nothing on the table. All of the Attacker’s forces will enter the table from the west edge on Turn 1. No units may infiltrate.

Special Rules: The Tunnel Rules apply throughout this scenario. At the beginning of each of the Defender’s player turns, the Defender will roll a D6 for each unit held in Reserve. If the number rolled is equal to or lower than the turn number, then that unit will arrive on the table during the Defender’s Movement Phase of the turn. If a Defending unit is set to arrive, roll a D6. On a 1-3, the unit arrives on the north table edge. On a 4-6, it arrives on the south table edge. The Attacker gets the first turn.

Turn Limit and Victory Conditions: The Objective is treated like a stationary vehicle with an armor defense of 13 and 4 Hull Points. The Attacker wins by destroying the Objective before the end of Turn 6, otherwise the Defender wins.

Optional Scenario Rules: If both players agree, they can disregard the Tunnel Rules and play this scenario under an open sky. If they do this, then the Force Restrictions are lifted and the players my build their forces in accordance with normal Force Composition Rules.

Scenario 2 - HOLD THE LINE

Description: The Attacker’s relentless advance must be stopped at all costs. The Defender has hastily built a Defensive Wall to stop the enemy. Both sides are confident that they will succeed in achieving their objectives. The eternal question will soon be answered: What will happen when the irresistible force hits the immovable object?

Point Limits: The Attacker builds a force of 1,200 points. The Defender builds a force of 600 points.

Table Size: The table is 6' x 4'. The Attacker’s base edge is the west side of the table. The Defender uses the east side as his base edge.

Terrain: To represent the Defensive Wall, the Defender places an unbroken line of linear obstacles that is 18" from his base edge and that stretches from the north table edge to the south. The Defensive Wall may have up to 2 enclosed Bunkers that are about 4" x 4", with slits facing west from which heavy weapons may fire. There should be approximately 2 square feet of terrain scattered about the table west of the Defensive Wall. This terrain should not include any buildings, woods, or hills. It should include low level ruins and debris, wrecked vehicles, crater, rocky areas and other such terrain that will give the Attacking forces some cover as they approach the wall, but not much. There should be about 1 square foot of similar terrain east of the wall.

Force Restrictions: Both players use normal Force Organization Chart restrictions. Neither player may purchase Fortifications.

Deployment: The Defender places all of his units on the table in contact with or behind the east side of the Defensive Wall. The Defender can hold nothing in Reserve. The Attacker places all units not held in Reserve within 12" of the west table edge.

Special Rules:
Defender gets the first turn.
Wall rules
Bunker rules

Turn Limit and Victory Conditions: The Attacker wins by exiting two units off of the east table edge that are not flyers or skimmers before the end of Turn 6. Otherwise, the Defender wins.

Optional Scenario Rules: None

And more Custom Scenarios to come! so get in here, get playing and have fun!
"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby erekose42 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:05 pm

Suh, weet!
I'm in!
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Sgtpjbarker » Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:39 am

Is there a minimum age requirement? I have two fourth graders (9) that maybe interested. They would play on Sundays.

Paul J.
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Game Empire Chuck » Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:24 am

Sgtpjbarker wrote:Is there a minimum age requirement? I have two fourth graders (9) that maybe interested.

Good question. I personally have a very hard time believing that a 9 year old kid really knows how to play 40K. I can't get excited about playing them myself. I think this is a topic we should discuss as a group on Tuesday. Also, if we get enough interest, we could start a Youth Division for kids under a certain age to play in that is separate from the "adult" group.
"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."
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The Big Cheese
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Sgtpjbarker » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:33 am

Right, that was what I figured you'd say. Thanks for the quick reply.
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby jaweyermuller » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:30 pm

If you're playing from the Space Marine codex does that mean you must choose a chapter and use that specific chapter for the entire league?
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Game Empire Chuck » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:31 am

jaweyermuller wrote:If you're playing from the Space Marine codex does that mean you must choose a chapter and use that specific chapter for the entire league?

Yes. The idea is that you're telling the story of your Hero, so it wouldn't make sense to let him change around from chapter to chapter. If you use an Ultra-Marine, then you could change your combat doctrine as normal. This league isn't primarily about winning your games, although that would be helpful. It's more about developing your Hero as quickly as possible.
"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play."
Captain Kirk - "Shore Leave"

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The Big Cheese
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Game Empire Chuck » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:37 am


I have drafted the story line for my Black Templar Hero, Chaz Joshua. I've spent my initial 12 Hero Points ("HP") to increase his BS to 5 (3 HP), his T to 5 (6HP), and his A to 2 (3 HP). Here is his story:

Brother Chaz Joshua

WS: 4
BS: 5
S: 4
T: 5
W: 1
I: 4
A: 2
Ld: 8

Hero Name: Chaz Joshua (“Chaz”)
Birth Name: Chaz Stilton
Birth Place: Planet Raeden, Darkfall System, Ultima Segmentum

Today the name of Brother Chaz Joshua conjures visions of heroic deeds, perfect loyalty, and limitless courage. Indeed, Brother Chaz and his epic career are well known within the highest halls of the Imperium on Holy Terra. His story is passed on for it will inspire future generations to achieve the impossible in service of our Beloved Emperor.

Brother Chaz was born Chaz Stilton on the planet Raeden, a feral planet in the Darkfall System on the outer edge of the Ultima Segmentum. Life on Raeden is barbaric by most civilized standards, with limited access to much of the technology the rest of the Imperium takes for granted. His father was a Warlord of the Kishrite Order, a religious sect of warrior-priests based on ancient teachings that see the Imperium as part of a vast, cosmic order with a divine purpose. Chaz was the scion from a long line of Warlords dating back through the known history of Raeden and perhaps beyond.

The details of the original colonization of Raeden have been lost in the mists of time. All contact with the rest of the galaxy was lost for many millennia during the Age of Darkness. How its people and culture survived is shrouded in mystery. But it is known that the planet and its people were rediscovered by the Black Templars a few hundred years after the Second Founding. Since that time the Templars have jealously guarded the planet, prohibiting almost all contact with it by any outsiders. This isolation has more than once aroused the suspicions of the Imperial Inquisition, and they alone have been granted occasional access to Raeden’s population. What the Inquisitors found was a population unusually devoid of psykers, and for this reason they have not interfered with the Templars’ control of this remote planet.

However, long ago the Templars discovered that a precious few of the warrior class of Raeden were exceptionally gifted in combat. They came to realize that, when under the stress of combat or life threatening circumstances, these warriors exhibited enhanced mental and physical traits that dramatically improved their ability to defeat their foes and survive. Their senses grew far more acute than a those of a normal human, sometimes even rivaling a fully developed Astartes. They were able to perceive and process information on a highly accelerated basis - almost as if they could slow down time. For them, the action around them would seem to move in slow motion. And, perhaps most important of all, they had a limited ability to perceive the future and anticipate threats before they were even launched. They could see the path of a bullet before it had even been fired, or the course of a sword stroke before their foe even began to swing the weapon.

All of these abilities increased as a warrior was pressed. Such skills made the warriors lethal weapons in any kind of combat. It was not long before the Templars recruited these warriors and subjected them to the rigorous modification process that changed them into full Space Marines. The result was often a “Super-Soldier”, even by the standards of the Astartes. However, these warriors were extremely rare, with only a few being generated on the planet each generation.

Chaz was identified as a candidate when he was just a boy. His family line had always been a good source for such exceptional warriors, which explained why the Templars had maintained a close watch on their clan since times untold. But Chaz displayed combat capabilities that were well beyond those of even the most gifted super-warriors Raeden had ever produced. His achievements in hunting, sports and combat training as a young teenager soon gained the attention of the Templar recruiting officers stationed on the planet. When Chaz reached his seventeenth year he was recruited into the Black Templars as a Neophyte. He excelled in his training and performed flawlessly on the battlefield. When he was only twenty years old he was elevated to a full Initiate, the youngest recruit ever to achieve this high honor. Upon accepting his holy vows to serve the Emperor, Brother Chaz chose the surname Joshua to signify his rebirth as an Astartes in the Black Templar Crusade.

Our story begins shortly after Brother Chaz Joshua has had his baptism of fire as a full Space Marine. The rest, of course, is legend.............
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Re: Warhammer 40k Hero Campaign - 10/29 - 12/17

Postby Bahkara » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:57 pm

this may be too late but I'm ok with the kids playing. rhe only reason is I dont mind the learning games right now as I am still settling into 6th. also the best day for me may be sundays. if I show up I wont be able to play. hope to be there

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