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What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

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What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby Game Empire Corrin » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:19 pm

Hey guys, I want to know what the community thinks is the best game there is.

Before you post, I'm looking for reasons why. Try to be specific.

Also, I don't want any negative posts in this tread. Tell us why you like a game, not why you don't. No flaming on others opinions as well please.
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Game Empire Corrin
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby Eklyps » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:42 pm

My favorite RPG of all time is "Thoan, les faiseurs d'univers".
It's a French RPG inspired by the novel series of P.J.Farmer "The World of Tiers".
It's a multi-universe novel/game with the solar system being just one of the ~1000 universes created by the superior but human-looking race of Thoan.

Why do I love this game?
- the game really has all the elements of the novel: heroism, exotism, humor ... and it even allows to play along the characters of the novel
- the possibility to discover the universe of the game as a simple earthling, which is great if the player hasn't read the novels ... and the possiblity to play extremely potent/arrogant Thoan who knows "everything" about the universe(s)
- the rules are the best I've ever seen: there is a "scale" system that allows character to interact with a larger "scale" than them only if they are high enough in their own scale (there are 6 scales, 3 being that of human, 4 that of huge creatures, 6 that of planets ..). Characters are heroes as those of the novel and can perform great actions like jumping from bull to bull in a charging herd ...

But, since that's a game you never heard about and will never do ... here is my second best RPG: Shadowrun.
Rules are somehow simple but sometimes also force you to roll several times for a single action.
Players can be humans, elves, dwarves, trolls or orcs ... wizard, tech-guys, samurai ...
Universe is VERY rich as the game exists for more than 20 years now. The game history is not static as it has evolved at the same speed as real-life (first edition was played in early 2050s, forth edition is played in 2070s).
There has been at some point a connection with an other RPG (Earthdawn), which supposedly was the past version of Shadowrun. Many stories have been developed around that connection.
The possibility to play both street-level scenario and meta-plot level scenario allows every game-master and player to find in Shadowrun what she/he likes the most.
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby Beastttt » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:32 pm

Hero system
any genre
any special effect can be built
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby Game Empire Davis » Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:58 am

I gotta say that the "Best" roleplaying game is one where you have a great GM and good players!! The system is just the setting; it is the players and the GM who really bring life to the game. Any system can be fun with the right group, while the best systems can be awful with the wrong group or a GM who is not vested.

As far as my "Favorite" system is concerned, I am a big fan of Pathfinder. It maintains a lot of the traditional D&D feel while fixing much of the brain cramping that was in D&D 3.5.

I also have always been a fan of the Eberron universe, as I enjoy playing in a setting that is, as a friend puts it, "not color coded for your convenience." Everything has a shade of grey and silver dragons can be Chaotic Evil, while that tribe of Goblins are actually lawful good farmers.

Just my two cents...

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Game Empire Davis
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby davidsandey » Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:16 pm

I have no one favourite RPG but I do have several that I like more than others.

FATE 3.0 is really slick and can model pretty much anything with a little imagination. When I want to relax and quickly get some gaming going this is definitely my preferred system.

Savage Worlds: If I don't know what system to go with I'll go with this. It's fast, easy to learn and capable of modelling just about anything without to much complication. It also has some fantastic settings available for it.

Cortex Plus for simple and effective especially when you want something other than physical stats at the centre of your role playing.

Burning Wheel/Burning Empires/Mouse Guard: This is my big gun for serious campaign role playing. It pulls role playing out of players. It's advanced and sits in that sweet spot right between DnD style RPG and story games. I love it.

As for SETTING that's a lot harder.

Freeport is a great fantasy setting.

Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin reads great.

Pulp is my favourite genre to play in:
Spirit of the Century and Thrilling Tales are great for 20's-40's era pulp gaming.
Rebellion-Era Star Wars is my favourite for pulpy space opera.
Lady Blackbird works great for Big Damn Space Heroes.

Beyond those I am open to anything.
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby CliffR » Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:19 pm

Got to agree with Game Empire Davis the "best" game is the one your group enjoys playing the most. My favorite game (and incidentally the one my group back in Florida enjoyed the most) is probably Mutants and Masterminds. Not only is it great for superhero games, but with just a little work, it makes a pretty good universal system as well.
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby Jason Herrick » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:39 am

I'd have to say my favorite RPG game was Midnight, I liked a game where the 'bad guy' won and darkness has covered the land. Where heroes are hated for bringing the attention of the Legates, there are no town wizards, food is just as important as weapons, and you're in enemy territory half the time.

This system brought out the sheer brilliance in my players and having them make serious choices that effect the resistance against the coming darkness. It was an excellent D20 3.5 game that made magic really easy to cast and cool to play, while beefing up any combat related class and giving rogues their due justice.

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Jason Herrick
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Re: What is the Best Roleplaying Game?

Postby jburgos » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:03 pm

Hands down for me would be the Storytelling System (aka World of Darkness). I find that it is the most conducive and intuitive to role playing and character development. I've played many systems and have always come back to this one.

Main reasons for liking this sytem best:

-Combat is simplified into one die roll
-Actions are built around dice pools of an Attribute + Skill or Skill + power stat
-It offers flaws, Merits and character conceptualization that makes for realistic, well balanced characters that dont detract from group play.
-It is both cinematic and realistic and has rules for tailoring to both or more
-The game system is built sand-box (aka Tool kit) style, meaning that if there is a game mechanic you dont like you dont have to use it.
-Since it is a based in our real world (albeit a darker world of horror) you dont need endless setting books for world building
-A realistic mechanic for moral and sanity degeneration that does not bog down role playing
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