Game Empire is closed permanently. RIP Chuck Robbins, 2020.
Game Empire has closed permanently.

Game Empire Pasadena does not sponsor any Dungeons and Dragons game play in the store. However, we DO enjoy having players come into our store and play any and every day! We have a large variety of tables at any time for anyone who wishes to organize and play a game of Dungeons and Dragons (with some exceptions, see below).

What We Do

We offer a large variety of tables for any player looking to play a Dungeons and Dragons Game. Check with the organizer of events up in our game room to see if there is room for you or your group if you are looking to organize or run a game. If we have room and an event is not running, we will happily offer you a table!

What We Do Not Do

At Game Empire Pasadena, we often have people look to our employees to run or sponsor games for the Adventurer’s League game play that Wizards of the Coast promotes to players of Dungeons and Dragons. Please note that employees of Game Empire Pasadena DO NOT organize or run these games, nor do we report your events to Wizards or any other organization. We merely facilitate the location for you to come and play, as we do for any other game people are interested in playing. We happily welcome ALL role-playing games in our store as well as board games, miniature games, card games, etc. Sorry, we cannot reserve a space for you or your game.

How To Get Involved

There are many things you can do to participate in Dungeons and Dragons gaming at Game Empire Pasadena either in running a game or playing!

  • Let other players know about your game! We sponsor a forum for players to advertise their games and find other players. Visit and Post your game on the Game Empire Pasadena Meetup:
  • Invite other like-minded people to come and enjoy your game on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat or smoke signal!
  • Show up and play! Ask around, a game could be underway. Make new friends. It’s that easy!!

It’s that easy, here at Game Empire Pasadena, to enjoy a game of Dungeons and Dragons for you and your friends. COME GET YOUR GAME ON!!